Benefits of Licorice Powder for the Skin

licorice powder is one of the most popular ingredients used in ayurveda to treat certain ailments. In India, it is a common ingredient found in every household and often given to someone to chew on if they have a sore throat or nasal congestion. This traditional herb is the answer to obesity, respiratory problems, gastric issues, skin infections, joint pain and more. In Ayurveda, this root powder is called Yashtimadhu, and it is derived from the stem of licorice. Slightly yellow in colour, with a strong odour, it is rich in calcium, glycyrrhizin acid, antioxidants, antibiotics and protein.


Prevents sun damage

Regular exposure to the sun can cause dark spots and age spots making you look older than your age. Applying licorice topically fades sun spots and leads to an even-looking skin tone. Licorice powder also contains UV blocking enzymes that protect skin and prevent sun damage.

Brightens skin

Hyperpigmentation is a common problem faced by many women, while there are many products in the market that claim to offer relief from it, a natural alternative is always better. Topical application of licorice powder to the affected area naturally treats hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a smooth and brighter look.

Fades scars

Scars caused by acne or injuries can take a long time to heal. licorice powder helps speed up the process by evening out skin tone and minimising the appearance of scars. Topical application of licorice powder is recommended to those with scars.

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