Made from 100% Natural Arrowroot Collected from farmers who practice fair trade and organic way of farming. Processed and packed in strict hygienic conditions. Free from pesticides and other chemical impurity.

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Arrowroot is a large, perennial herb found in rainforest habitats. In ancient times South American tribals used arrowroot to draw out toxins in people shot with poison arrows, hence the name “arrowroot”. The cultivation of arrowroot was propogated in British colonies.It is known as Ararutkilangu in Tamil, Koova in malayalam, Ararut-gaddalu in telugu, Koove-hittu in Kannada.

Health Benefits of Arrowroot powder

Baby food

As an Infant Food

Arrowroot powder is a soft food for infants.It is nutritious and easily digesting food for them. Arrowroot has been used as an infant formula in place of breast milk or to help the baby adjust after weaning.

Arrowroot powder  for Pregnant Women

Arrowroot powder is a good supplement of vitamins and minerals for women during Pregnancy period. It is a good source of Folate. In pregnancy it reduces risk of urinary infection and constipation.

Natural Energy Drink :

It refreshes and nourishes the body. It is an excellent drink with a nostalgic flavour.

Good for Urinary system:- 

It cools the body, reduces urinary symptoms like burning micturition, dysuria etc. It prevents stone formation also

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