Quality natural banana is sliced into round shaped pieces, it is then dried to form dehydrated banana slices. These dried banana slices are grounded to form the fine banana powder. This nutritious flour is used as an important ingredient in many of the baby foods. It is regarded as the best solid food that can be given to a baby who is being weaned from breast milk.

Benefits for Babies

Are you wondering why you should give this powder to your baby? Well, here we have some reasons listed for you:

  • It helps in building immunity in babies.
  • It is power-packed with potassium and other vital nutrients.
  • It is easy to digest and may not cause a cough and cold like normal bananas.
  • It helps in the development of the healthy brain in babies.

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Banana powder can be easily digested by the tender digestive system of the baby without causing constipation. This enhances the development of the brain and growth of the body. With its higher concentration of banana essence has been a major source of natural carbohydrates and calories.

How To Use 

Take 2 teaspoon of banana powder in cooking bowl. Pour one cup of milk or drinking water, use any of them as per your choice. Switch on the flame and keep it on a low medium level, stir it well and boil it to make a mixture. Add some jaggery for sweet taste, cook it on sim.stir it well until the mixture forms a thick porridge. Once it is ready, switch off the flame and allow it to cool. Serve it within half an hour.



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