Navadhanya Powder – An all Age Health Mix Powder

Navadhanya Powder – The Magic of Nine. Navadhanyam signifies (Nava-Nine) (Dhanyam-Grains) Nine -9 Grains.Navadhanyam powder that provide essential nutrients to the human body

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Health Mix Powder –Navadhanya Powder -It is a mixture of rice, pulses, nuts, cereals…. 9 grains such as Green Gram ,Wheat, Horse Gram, White beans, , Black Gram, Bengal Gram, Rice,  Black Sesame seeds and White Beans. It contains the majority of the health beneficial components.

Health benefits and medicinal values and Implications is that it is a mixture of different health nutrients such as vitamins,protein,fat,minerals and carbohydrate.These health nutrient components are essential for development,growth and maintenance of good health throughout life. Navadhanyam powder health beneficial components have been shown to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases of humans.

Navadhanya powder is the traditional health mix of all ages.Traditional food – medicine such as Ayurveda and Siddha – medicine as food and food as medicine.The main aim is prevention of prevention of diseases rather than its cure. Navadhanya powder  play a vital role in ayurveda medicines,culinary,bakers etc…

Navadhanyam Powder Home made health mix for babies

How to prepare Navadhanya Powder 

Navadhanyam Powder Porridge


Take 2 spoon Navadhanyam Powder mixes it with water or milk

Cook low flame until it becomes thicker and add jaggery

This health drink is good for children and it is also used as breakfast drink children as well as adults

improve your immunity.

Ingredients –

Sesame, Wheat, Horse gram ,Ragi, White beans, Navara rice,  Fenugreak, Greengram & Black uzhunnu

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