The natural properties of henna promote hair growth. The powder can be used to create an essential oil that nourishes and encourages growth.

The word ‘henna’ is understood by people around the world in many different ways. A majority of people probably associate it with the dark-red/brown dye for hair and skin that is traditionally used in many cultures, but the name also applies to the flowering plant from which the dye is derived.

Henna oil, bark, and seeds are the most common forms of medicinal benefits, and the high concentration of chemicals and nutrients in the plant might give it anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antibacterial, astringent, and antiviral effects. Most of these properties have not been fully explored through clinical trials and are either anecdotal or documented in Ayurveda books.

Promotes Hair Growth

Henna is loaded with powerful phytochemicals including tannins and phenolics. These help to stimulate follicle growth, arrest frequent episodes of hair fall and maintain a healthy mane.

Lathering an even layer of shampoo infused with henna extracts and washing hair twice or thrice a week immensely improves hair growth and thickness.

Combats Dandruff

Bestowed with antifungal traits, henna is a brilliant natural solution for treating dandruff and other microbial disorders occurring on the scalp.Simply massage hair and scalp with henna powder paste mixed with a few drops of lemongrass oil once or twice a week. This simple home remedy instantly removes dandruff, eliminating irritation and flaking of the scalp.


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