5 Healthy Natural Foods For Babies

We are all very concerned about our babies, especially when it comes to food, let's look at 5 natural foods we can give babies:

  • Arrowroot powder
  • KunnamkayA powder
  • Navadhanyam powder
  • Navara rice powder
  • Ragi powder

Let's take a closer look at how healthy foods help our babies stay so healthy

Arrowroot powder

Arrowroot powder is the best starch to give to babies and is considered as a substitute for mother's milk. Cucumber powder is an ideal diet for children. Corrects water and electrolyte imbalances. This is more acceptable for children. It is an abundant source of

Arrowrootpowder helps in the development of a healthy brain in babies. Arrowroot powder is best eaten during hot weather as it cools the body and helps the baby to sleep properly.

KunnamkayA powder

Kunnamkaya powder is rich in nutrients. It contains plant-based proteins and iron. It helps to increase immunity in babies. It contains potassium and other important nutrients. It is easy to digest and does not cause coughs and colds like normal bananas. It helps in the development of a healthy brain in infants.

This is a perfectly natural and best first food for your baby so it can be given to your baby every season as it does not cause cough or cold, and it is an immunity booster weight gaining food. Helps to increase healthy body weight in babies.

Navadhanyam powder

Navadhanya powder is one of the best for health. It is an Ayurvedic diet. Fresh grain powder is a traditional health supplement for people of all ages. New grain is one of the best foods we can give our children in particular.

Noodles are a unique blend of grains, peas and oilseeds and are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrates. Navadhanya Kurukku is a healthy food to be given to the babies from the seventh month onwards. It is best to prepare at least every five years. It can also be given to older children.

Navara rice powder

Navara is a healthy Ayurvedic food that can be used by children and adults alike. Anne's health experts suggest that mothers eat navara food to improve breastfeeding.

It is advisable to feed Navara rice powder to children as it helps them to gain weight. It is a natural source of energy and a safe weaning food for babies. This medicinal rice and rice powder is used to treat many ailments. It is suitable for children with anemia.Navara used in Ayurvedic treatments helps to quench the appetite of children .It also helps in weight gain.

Ragi powder

Ragi powder is a natural food that can be given to babies. The nutrients in ragi help in the healthy growth of babies. Ragi powder is a rich source of minerals. It contains calcium, good carbons, amino acids and vitamin D.

Ragi is a food that cools the body, so it is best for babies who are overheated. Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron, so it is a boon for children with anemia and those with low hemoglobin levels. High fiber content protects against gastrointestinal diseases.

Baby food should be 100% pure and natural. A proper nutritional diet can help prevent childhood obesity. Parents need to be fully aware of how to give their children the right food for the best start in life.

The best age to feed your baby any type of solid food after six months. Therefore, this nutrient powder can be given to babies after 6 months or when your baby is ready for solid food.


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