Shikakai is a potent ayurvedic remedy for healthy, long hair. Commonly termed as the ‘hair-fruit’, it promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, controls dandruff and relieves skin ailments. In this article we will explain the benefits of shikaki powder and 5 different ways to use it in your hair. From the ancient time, these soap pods being natural surfactant are being used for cleansing the scalp, strengthening the hair from roots, providing relief from scaling and also removing itching, dryness, greasiness and scaling of the scalp.

Benefits of Shikakai Powder for Hair Mainly it makes your hair soft and shiny. It also avoids dryness of your scalp. Shikakai powder helps fight dandruff, and Shikakai stimulates hair growth and is a gentle detangler. Shikakai powder prevents hair breakage.

Imparts Shine and Softness To Hair: The essential nutrients and natural ingredients present in Shikakai is extremely beneficial in improving the texture of hair in winter. Being a natural surfactant, it cleanses the hair follicles, removes greasiness and makes the hair softer and shinier.

Removes Hair Lice and Dandruff: Much to our respite, the potent antifungal and anti-microbial property of Shikakai play a key role in removing dandruff and lice from the scalp and hair respectively. It effectively removes dandruff but does not strip away the essential oils from the scalp, hence preventing dry scalp problems which ultimately causes flaking and dandruff. So, bid goodbye to the stubborn white flakes on your scalp and shoulders and also get relief from the constant itching and clumsiness due to hair lice.

Provides Stronger and Thicker Hair: All of us wish to have a healthy, lustrous and strong mane. The active ingredients of shikakai provide the essential oils and vitamins necessary for hair growth. It holds high significance in regaining the lustre and length of hair. It strengthens the hair from roots, prevents split ends, breakage and hair fall.

Slows Down Greying:  Grey hairs are quite depressing as it gives away your age and these days, many youngsters are suffering from premature greying. Shikakai not only prevents premature greying but also retains the natural youthfulness of black hair.

Nourishes Hair Follicles: The abundance of antioxidants and Vitamin C in the humble soap nut powder boosts collagen production in the scalp. It also prevents free radical damage thus preventing greying of hair and enhancing effective growth of hair.

How to Use Shikakai Powder for Quick, Healthy Hair Growth

  1. Boil 2-3 tbsp of shikakai powder in 2 cups of water, to make a semi-liquid paste. Add some more water and honey. Apply this paste and rinse your hair with water. Try this remedy twice a week to flaunt gorgeous shiny hair.                                                                                                                                
  2. Take 2 or 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder, squeeze half a lemon in it and strain it. Mix in the shikakai powder and use. It helps in getting rid of dandruff and lice.                                                              
  3. Make a paste of shikakai powder with fresh yoghurt and apply to your hair and scalp. Allow it to remain for 20-30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Regular usage provides stronger and thicker mane.                                                                                                                                                              
  4. Apply a hair pack containing shikakai, amla powder and soap nut on your hair once a week to get marked results.                                                                                                                                      
  5. Mixing shikakai powder with Porridge water and applying it on the scalp helps in hair growth.

Shikakai powder is a traditional remedy for your hair loss. It helps to prevent hair loss and create new hair strands and is a remedy for more than 20 hair problems.

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