Navara a special cereal, has equal importance in food and curative purposes. It has the properties to rectify the basic ills affecting the circulatory, respiratory as well as the digestive system. Navara  is a healthy food with sweet taste and a trace of astringency in it. Navara rice powder gets easily digested and is a suitable food for people of all age groups. Ayurveda acharyas suggest it as a suitable food for people suffering from emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, tuberculosis, oligospermia and also for improving lactation.

 Benefits of Navara Rice powder

  • It is good for people with diabetes.
  • it is a rejuvenator and improvises the immune system.
  • It helps in digestion and improves metabolism and keeps emaciation at bay.
  • It is used for curing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Promotes the growth of RBCs, can cure Anemia.
  • strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

It is used effectively in the Ayurvedic system of medicine in certain specific treatments like Panchakarma. Black glumed Navara has been used in Ayurveda treatment. Navara Kizhi and Navara Theppu are two major treatment in Ayurveda in conditions of Arthritis, Paralysis, Neurological complaints, Degeneration of muscles, Tuberculosis, for children with Anemia, for women during lactation, in certain ulcers, skin diseases – Navara rice powder has applications in all these indications.

For babies – Navara rice powder food can increase babies weight .  This is a natural energizer and safe weaning food for babies .This medicinal rice is used for the treatment of many diseases, Navara rice powder gruel made in cow’s milk improves lactation. It also said to be ideal for anemic patients.Navara is considered a safe food for diabetes patients.In spite of all these benefits, Navara is considered as a medicinal plant. Regular cleansing of head with washed away water of Navara rice 1 hour before bath is said to be useful to prevent premature hair fall.


  navara rice powder baby food 


  • Navara rice powder – 2 or 3 spoon (15gm)
  • Jaggery – 1 tsp
  • Milk -100ml


  • Mix navara rice powder with water without lumps.
  • Add milk and jaggery syrup and mix them well
  • Once the mixture starts boiling, keep the flame on low and continue heating till the mixture becomes semi-solid.
  • Cool the baby food before feeding the baby.

The method mentioned above is one of the traditional methods used in Kerala to prepare baby food.

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