Barley is one of the most widely consumed grains in the American diet.This versatile grain has a somewhat chewy consistency and a slightly nutty flavor that can complement many dishes.

Barley can boost your intestinal health.It’s also rich in many nutrients and packs some impressive health benefits, ranging from improved digestion and weight loss to lower cholesterol level and a healthier heart.

Impressive Health Benefits of Barley

  • Rich in Many Beneficial Nutrients.
  • Reduces Hunger and May Help You Lose Weight.
  • Insoluble and Soluble FiberContent Improves Digestion.
  • May Prevent Gallstones and Reduce Your Risk of Gallbladder Surgery.
  • Beta-Glucans May Help Lower Cholesterol.
  • May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

Barley is rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. Barley may reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness — both of which may lead to weight loss over time.

Barley lessens hunger largely through its high fiber content. A soluble fiber known as beta-glucan is particularly helpful.That’s because soluble fibers, such as beta-glucan, tend to form a gel-like substance in your gut, which slows the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Barley’s high fiber content helps food move through your gut and promotes a good balance of gut bacteria, both of which play important roles in digestion. The type of insoluble fiber found in barley may prevent the formation of gallstones, helping your gallbladder function normally and reducing your risk of surgery. Regularly adding barley to your diet may reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol.  barley may help improve insulin production and reduce blood sugar leval. Barley is a very good source of molybdenum, manganese, dietary fiber and selenium. It also serves as a good source of the copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin.




      • 2 cupsrolled oats
      • 1 cupRagi flour
      • 1/4 cupBesan /gram flour
      • 1 cupbarley flour
      • 1/2 cupJawar flour
      • 1/2 teaspoonmethi dana(fenugreek seeds)
      • 1/4 cupcurd
      • 5 cupwater
      • 3 teaspoonsalt
      • 6-7curry leaves
      • 1/2 teaspoonJeera/cumin seeds
      • 1/2 teaspoonmustard seeds
      • 3 teaspoonghee
      • As neededOil for greasing
      • 1 teaspoonbaking soda
      • 11/2 tablespooncutted carrot
      • tablespoonFresh mutter(peas)
      • 1/2 tablespoonFrench beans


  • Soak methi seeds for 2 hours and then grind it.
  • Take 2 cups of rolled oats and roast on low flame then cool it and grind it
  • In that add 1 cup of barley flour, 1 cup of ragi flour, 1/2 cup of Jawar flour, 1/4 cup besan. Mix it
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon methi seeds and 1/4 cup of curd in it.Mix it Very well
  • Cover the mixture and keep it for fermentation for 10-12 hours.
  • After 12 hours mix it. In small pan add 3 teaspoon ghee heat it and add curry leaves, jeera and mustard seeds till it brown
  • Put all this on our fermented mixture and add 3 teaspoon of salt
  • In cooker or vessel add 2 big glass of water and preheat it for 10 minutes. In mixture add 1 teaspoon baking soda and activate it.
  • Grease the Idli mould with oil and add Idli batter on it and Keep in cooker or vessel
  • Cook Idli batter for 12 minutes.
  • Cool down Idli for 10 minutes And then remove it
  • Serve healthy and delicious idli with chutney or tomato ketchup.

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