Bhringraj powder is very beneficial to prevent hair fall due to its Keshya (hair growth enhancer) property. Bhringaraj plays a pivotal role in treating and preventing baldness. It effectively increases blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles, which in turn enriches the roots by bringing in more nutrients through the blood supply and promote hair growth. Sesame oil nourishes the hair while Ayurveda vouches that regular use of bhringaraj oil provides effective results by activating the hair follicles.

Like many Ayurvedic herbs, bhringaraj’s benefits are vast and aren’t limited to one area of the body—offering gifts to other systems as well. For example, if you take bhringaraj with the intention of promoting healthy hair, you may also notice the extra reward of some of the following benefits.

Bhringraj powder has various health benefits. Powdered leaves of Bhringraj are found to be effective in the management of high cholesterol and liver toxicity due to its hepatoprotective activity. It also prevents seizures and improves cardiovascular health by reducing arterial pressure. Bhringraj powder has diuretic property which helps to manage urinary complications by increasing the production of urine. Furthermore, it is helpful in managing skin diseases due to its antioxidant property as it prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. It also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation

  • A More Settled Mind and Nervous System. Bhringaraj’s cooling action helps calm the mind, alleviate tension and stress, and support deep, restful sleep.
  • A Cleansed, Healthy Liver. Its bitter and cooling qualities help clear excess heat from the liver, increasing healthy bile flow.
  • Healthy Blood Circulation. Its benefits for the liver also extend to the lymph and blood, promoting the healthy flow of blood.
  • Glowing, Strong Skin. Because the liver and blood play such an integral role in the health and appearance of the skin, bhringaraj is also an excellent herb for smooth, radiant skin.

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